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Award-winning comedian, Second City Conservatory Alumni and certified hypnotist Don Barnhart has combined his comedy and improvisational skills to create one of the most unique, interactive and funniest comedy-hypnosis shows in the world.


Finally... a program for those who are ready to take control of their life and want a NATURAL, EASY, and DRUG FREE way to achieve their goals and change their habits and behaviors.  Hypnosis can be a powerful tool to help you reach your goals, transform your life, and live your dreams.  Don's list of self-hypnosis & motivational audio CDs, books and other programs can offer you a way to focus effort and influence positive outcomes. Whatever your desires may be you have the ability to change, improve and grow by becoming more conscious of the instructions you input into your subconscious mind.  Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Improve Your Memory, Build Confidence, Release Stress Overcome Insomnia, Control Pain, Improve Your Golf or Sports Game and much more...

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One of the biggest differences in Barnhart's Comedy Hypnosis Show is that Don is already an established award-winning headline comedian.  Using his 20 years of comedy club experience along with his Second City Improv and Hypnosis skills, Barnhart guides his audience volunteers into the spotlight unleashing their hidden talents.  Barnhart also has one of the fasted inductions taking from 6-10 minutes leaving more time for the show.

Before anyone comes on stage to be hypnotized, Barnhart opens the show with his hilarious comedy material putting the audience at ease.  He then demonstrates that almost anyone can be hypnotized.   He involves the entire audience in the untapped power of the mind by getting them to respond to suggestions in unison. Imagine hundreds of people gasping and turning to their neighbors in amazement. You really need to experience this to believe it.  Afterwards, Don invites the audience on stage to share the spotlight and have some fun.

Barnhart's show is unscripted and stars the audience, so every performance is unique. Don’t worry though; his material is never “blue”. Don treats his audiences with respect and makes sure never to embarrass anyone.  You will laugh hysterically as Don takes audience volunteers on a guided tour through their imaginations with HILARIOUS results!  They will experience laughter, fear, excitement, greed – some will become celebrities – right before your eyes!

You will be amazed at the unbelievable hidden talent your spouse, friends or coworkers will demonstrate when under hypnosis. All of their inhibitions are gone and they have the time of their lives!  When awaked, they will feel like they just came back from a long vacation or slept better than they can remember. They awaken refreshed and feeling great! Even the hard-core skeptics will walk away from this show believing the impossible and be thoroughly convinced. Hypnosis is a VERY real thing and now you can see it for yourself! Stage hypnosis is the only form of entertainment where the volunteer audience members literally become the stars of the show. You will be talking about this show for days while some of the surprised volunteers still have no idea what they did on stage! It is a superb performance filled with intrigue and laughter.

When it comes to show time, Don can also provide professional sound and lighting gear. This can save a small fortune over what many venues will charge you for inadequate systems.

Comedy Hypnosis shows are the perfect choice for audiences of 50-50,000:  Comedy Clubs, Cruise Ships, Fairs, Corporate Events, High School Grad Nights, After Prom Parties, Assemblies, ALL College Events, Conventions, Milestone Birthday Parties. Always Appropriate and FUN!!!  Awards Nights, Banquets, Birthday Parties, Casinos, Christmas Parties, Clubs, Community Events, Conventions, Corporate Functions, Cruise Ships, Dinner Dances, Festivals, Fraternity Functions, Fund Raisers, Graduation Parties, Hotels, Private Parties, Proms, Resorts, Reunions, Sorority Functions, Anniversaries, Apres Ski Parties, Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Children's Birthday Parties, Celebrations, Christenings, Church Services, Coffee Shops, Country Clubs, Festivals, Fundraisers, Funerals, Grand Openings, Picnics, Resorts, Restaurants, Reunions, Showers, Temples and even Weddings...

The Don Barnhart Comedy Hypnosis Show delivers interactive, improvisational and sidesplitting comedy while simultaneously unlocking the unique mysteries of the human mind. It's a musical, fast-paced romp through volunteers' subconscious creative genius that keeps audiences on the edges of their seats. Akin to releasing the hidden talents of a dozen comedians onstage with Barnhart as the ringleader, each performance is kept clean and wholly unique.


Don Barnhart's Comedy Hypnosis Show is part stand up comedy, part improvisation, part hypnosis and a little bit of America’s Got Talent mixed together.  Audience members have the option to volunteer or sit back and watch.  Barnhart is one of the very few hypnotism acts that are family-friendly; Don takes the positive aspects of hypnotic trances for a spin.  In an industry dominated by embarrassing and shocking antics, the comedy brought out of our shared hopes and dreams is refreshing, honest and just plain funny.

Don's twenty years of comedy club experience are evident, as well as his Second City improv skills and his self-improvement hypnotic abilities. Everything comes together in a show that puts the audience on center stage, inhibitions gone, ready to perform like they never have before. Skeptics are encouraged to attend.

The Don Barnhart Comedy Hypnosis Show has been featured on The Best of The Bob & Tom Show, performed overseas for the troops as well as Fortune 500 Companys including Aflac and performing in Jarkarta for 1000 dignitaries and VIPs for MD Entertainment.  Barnhart's show is becoming one of the most requested acts at comedy clubs, cruise ships, colleges, high schools, corporate events and fairs.

Barnhart's new book, “Creating The Life Your Desire” is now available on Amazon and Borders along with a series of motivational and self-improvement CDs and in his spare time teaches comedy, improv, hypnosis and success seminars.