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Certified Hypnotist Don Barnhart has created a personal improvement program using the power of hypnosis to help you achieve your goals and live your dreams.


There are no gimmicks, no pills and no magic tools.   Don Barnhart’s self hypnosis CD’s help you to unlock the power of your subconscious mind and take control of your life.  Don’s program is designed for those who are ready to take control of their life and want a NATURAL, EASY, and DRUG FREE way to achieve their goals and change their habits and behaviors created by Certified Hypnotist Don Barnhart.


Barnhart's Self-Improvement Hypnosis Programs are specifically designed to provide you a powerful, step-by-step hypnotic technique that will allow you to evolve into the person you desire.  With the current problems in the Health Care Industry, your best defense is preventative health care by taking control of your life.


These programs are so powerful that they are 100% guaranteed when purchased at the full price of $24.95.  If you’re not completely satisfied and happy with the results you receive after 30 days of continued use, Don will refund your money.

“If you want to learn to play tennis or the piano, you would seek out a coach, if you want to live a better life you would do the same.  These are not self help products, these are self improvement programs to help you be a winner in all aspects of your life”, added Don.


Don Barnhart’s Personal Improvement Hypnosis Programs Help You To:

• Make behavior changes effortlessly

• Be free of unhealthy habits

• Feel good about yourself

• Enjoy a healthier lifestyle

• Become the person you desire

• Experience hypnosis in a comfortable surrounding

• Become healthier, happier, and more successful


Hypnosis can be a powerful tool to help you reach your goals, transform your life, and live your dreams. Don's list of self-hypnosis & motivational audio CDs, books and other programs can offer you a way to focus effort and influence positive outcomes. Whatever your desires may be you have the ability to change, improve and grow by becoming more conscious of the instructions you input into your subconscious mind. Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Improve Your Memory, Build Confidence, Release Stress Overcome Insomnia, Control Pain, Improve Your Golf or Sports Game and much more...


Barnhart is the first to share, “I’ve used these techniques for over twenty five years to overcome my own limitations, addictions and negative thought patterns.”


Award Wining Comedian and Certified Hypnotist, Don Barnhart's Self-Improvement Hypnosis Programs are specifically designed to provide you a powerful, step-by-step hypnotic technique that will allow you to evolve into the person you desire.


Thousands of people just like you have used self-hypnosis CDs to make positive changes in their lives. They've listened to these CDs and have been able to manage chronic pain, get off sleeping pills, improve their self-esteem, and handle life's little surprises a whole lot easier.

Direct suggestion CDs are an excellent way to make the changes you desire. For a one-time investment, you are purchasing a number of personalized hypnotic sessions.


All audio programs created and authored by Don Barnhart and subject to a flat-rate $4.95 shipping charge for USPS priority mail service, no matter the order size. 


Your 100% 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee:  We have complete confidence in your satisfaction. Should your purchase not meet your expectations, simply let us know within 60 days and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.


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$50 plus 4.00 S/H

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WARNING:  Do not use the CD’s unless you are ready to change your life.


For over 25 years I’ve successfully used the techniques of self hypnosis to tap into the creative and unlimited powers of the subconscious mind to change my own personal addictions, bad habits, and negative thoughts patterns and rewrite my inner dialogue to live a healthier, successful and more rewarding life.


I suggest using these CD’s before you go to bed or anytime you have 30-40 minutes of quite time that you can close your eyes and focus on yourself.  If you find yourself falling asleep while listening to them, that’s ok.  You subconscious mind will still be picking up the information and you’ll get a great night’s sleep but you may want to try using them a little earlier next time.  Do not use these while driving a car or using machinery.


Most habits take about 21 days of repetition to set in.  The same is true for breaking habits as you are essentially creating a new one.  This is often times called creating a “positive addiction”.  For example, instead of eating junk food, you might find yourself doing ten sit ups or instead of reaching for a cigarette you suddenly find yourself making a healthy fruit smoothie.


As you use the techniques you are about to learn from these CD’s, you will learn to rewrite your inner dialogue at the sub-conscious level which will in turn dictate how you live your life on the conscious or “waking” day to day level.


The outer mind or waking level takes orders from the inner mind. For most people however, the inner mind or subconscious was never programmed by you but got it’s programming by randomly picking up habits over your lifetime from parents, friends and the group or society we were around.


By using these techniques, you are now taking control of your life and re-writing your life’s personal script of how you want to live you:  Healthy, confident, positive and successful.


It is truly my joy to be able to share these techniques with you and I look forward to hearing of your success.





Can you really lose weight with hypnosis? YES! This is the ultimate hypnotic audio CD for weight loss and continued weight management.  Lose Weight Now And Maintain Your Ideal Weight Forever.

Take control of your weight. Even if past diets and efforts have failed, now you can lose the weight you want and keep it off.

Certified hypnotist Don Barnhart helps people conquer their bad habits and empowers them to overcome obstacles and find permanent weight loss solutions. His stimulating self-help program helps you take control of your life by helping you to reprogram your eating behavior and food habits and the subconscious level.

The Lose Weight & Feel Great program empowers you to:

1. Lose the weight you want.
2. Look fit and trim.
3. Increase your energy levels.
4. Stay motivated indefinitely.
5. Decrease health risks.

"Using Don CD's as an influence. I have lost 35 pounds. Feels Great!!"  - Crissy R.

Listen to this program beginning today and make the weight changes you desire, permanently!

CD 101 – “Lose Weight Now!” Audio CD, Normally $34.95  NOW ONLY $24.95


CD 101 - Digital Download Weight Loss- MP3 version - $15.00


2) Smoking Cessation - STOP SMOKING NOW!

Finally a program for those who want to quit smoking and for those that have tried and failed! Save up to $1850 a year!

You too can learn – How to Stop Smoking Permanently!

Finally, a program for those who wan to quit smoking and for smokers that tried to quit and failed! If you have a desire to stop smoking, Don Barnhart’s “Stop Smoking Now!” program provides a powerful, step-by-step formula to become a permanent non-smoker by working on your habits, desires and addictions at the subconscious level.  Eliminate cravings for cigarettes and increase the quality of your life while you reprogram yourself to be 100% free from all tobacco urges, permanently!

Listen and watch your life change for the better! The Don Barnhart “Stop Smoking Now!” program helps you to:

1. Quit smoking effortlessly.
2. Be free of all smoking desires
3. Feel good about yourself.
4. Enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
5. Acquire more time.
6. Save $1850 per year (based on a 1 pack a day habit).
7. Become healthy, happier and more active.

If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking, thought of giving it up and are ready to make the change, you can “Stop Smoking Now!” simply by listening to this recording.

CD 102 – “Stop Smoking Now!”Audio CD, Normally $34.95  NOW ONLY $24.95


CD 102 - Digital Download Stop Smoking- MP3 version - $15.00

3) Stress Release - BEAT STRESS NOW!

Never again lose control of your temper or get caught off guard.

You too can learn – The Stress Management System!

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has recently acknowledged that the nature of work is changing exponentially with each passing decade. Perhaps now more than ever, job stress poses a serious threat to the health of workers and, in turn, to the health of organizations.  In addition, living a stressful lifestyle has been linked to high blood pressure; stress induced heart attacks and other health problems.

It has also been know to cause family discord, financial troubles, professional difficulties and communication and relationship issues.  Don Barnhart’s Stress Management Program allows you to immediately dissolve the stress you feel and provides you the tools for future stress management in a healthy manner and at the subconscious level.

The Stress Management Program benefits include:

1. Tremendous calming effects.
2. Deep relaxation techniques.
3. Powerful ways to increase productivity.
4. Enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
5. Stronger and more meaningful relationships.
6. Career focus.
7. Increased personal satisfaction.
8. Overall life balance.

Even if you are unable to enroll in one of Don’s live sessions, you can “Beat Stress Now!” by listening to this program on CD.

CD 103 – “Beat Stress Now!”Audio CD, Normally $34.95  NOW ONLY $24.95


CD 103 - Digital Download Stress Reduction- MP3 version - $15.00


4) Pain Management - STOP PAIN NOW!

It is important to realize that pain is not a bad thing.  Pain signals to us that there is something wrong with our bodies or that we have hurt ourselves but by listening to this program, you can learn to control your pain.

CD 104 – “Stop Pain Now!” Audio CD, Normally $34.95  NOW ONLY $24.95


CD 104 - Digital Download Pain Management- MP3 version - $15.00

5) Banish Insomnia - BANISH INSOMNIA NOW!
Sleep can be difficult for too many people. In this program you will learn to control your sleep patterns and end those sleepless nights once and for all. Experience restful sleep and increase your energy without drugs or pills.

CD 105 –“Sleep Now!” Audio CD, Normally $34.95  NOW ONLY $24.95


CD 105 - Digital Download Banish Insomnia- MP3 version - $15.00


6) Confidence - BE CONFIDENT NOW!
Created specifically to help you have all the confidence you will ever need whether it’s business or personal, you will stand tall knowing you are your best self ever. Experience new levels of confidence, power, and ability to achieve your goals. Includes tools for daily use.

CD 106 –“Be Confident Now!” Audio CD, Normally $34.95  NOW ONLY $24.95


CD 106 - Digital Download Confidence- MP3 version - $15.00


This program is designed to help you improve your concentration and memory easily. Never forget a name, face or phone number again!

CD 107 –“Improve Memory and Concentration” Audio CD, Normally $34.95  NOW ONLY $24.95


CD 107- Digital Download Memory & Concentration MP3 version - $15.00


8) Personal Power Self Hypnosis Program - LIVE YOUR DREAMS!  ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!!!

This program is an overall self-hypnosis program specifically designed for you to work on anything that you desire. Learn to hypnotize yourself, achieve your goals, tap into your creative genius, relax, become more successful.  This audio program guides you through a natural process of hypnosis and how to use self-hypnosis to improve any aspect of your life. This CD will teach you how to build your own positive suggestions and exercise self-hypnosis anytime you need to.

CD 108 –“Personal Self Hypnosis Program" Audio CD, Normally $34.95  NOW ONLY $24.95


CD 108 - Digital Download Personal Power MP3 version - $15.00



9) All 8 CD 20% Discount Special

All 8 CD's ordered separately would cost almost $250 with shipping.  Now you can order all 8 CD's with a 20% discount and only one  $4.95 shipping charge saving you a total of $76.52

CD Special 109 - "20% Off 8 CD Special" Audio CD's $199.60  NOW ONLY $159.68


CD 109 - Digital Download All 8 - MP3 version - $100.00


Books & Custom Hypnosis CDs

10) "Creating The Life You Desire" Book

Using Hypnosis and The Power of The Subconcious Mind To Change Your Life And Life Your Dreams.  Wriiten by Certified Hypnotist Don Barnhart

"With this book, it is my desire to share with you the simple yet powerful techniques of how you can create the life you desire by taking control of your thoughts, patterns and habits.  By applying these formulas, you will soon find yourself living the life you desire achieving your goals with relative ease.  This book can guide you to higher personal and professional satisfaction." Don Barnhart. CH

Book 200–“Creating The Life You Desire" Book, Normally $19.95 NOW ONLY $15.95


11) Custom Hypnosis CD. - Work on any topic you desire.
Is there something specific you would like to work on? Don Barnhart will create a custom CD to address your topic. Just let Don know when you order. You can also email Don if you have any questions. Topics include but are not limited to:  Breaking Bad Habits, Drinking Addiction, Porn Addiction, Nail Biting, Sports Improvement, Stage Fright, Performance Anxiety and more.  If you don't see a topic listed, please let us know.

CD 111 –“Custom Hypnosis CD" Audio CD, $75.00 plus s/h



Previous Show DVDs

DVD’s of past shows are also available and custom hypnosis titles are offered at a further discount at live events or by pre-ordering.  Some of the other titles available are:  Sports Improvement, Behavioral & Communication Techniques, Hypnosis Training and more..

International orders may be subject to a higher shipping charge.


You can order additional copies of a previous show.  Please indicate which date you are ordering in the final check out stage.

DVD 300 - Copy Of Previous Show $25.00 (This includes S/H)




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