Don Barnhart Entertainment is the premier booking agency for comedy shows around the world and award-winning comedian Don Barnhart also serves as one of the top comedy club consultants in the country.  Besides his busy touring schedule, Don is in constant demand and is currently involved with the opening and booking of several new comedy clubs and venues throughout the United States as well as teaching comedy and improv in his free time.

Don Barnhart Entertainment continues to book and produce comedy shows for the military, special events and comedy concerts.  DBE is producing a series of Comedy All Star Tours for the military as well as a series of Celebrity Tour for The Troops featuring George Wallace, Brad Garrett and Louie Anderson.  They will aslo feature celebrity athletes, singers, bands and other famous personalities interested in boosting morale to the troops stationed overseas.  Over the last 25 years, Barnhart has consulted on the opening, operations and marketing of numerous comedy clubs that are still thriving today.

DBE is dedicated to providing you with the best comedy talent for your specific needs.  There are many choices out there but comedy is our life so we have to get it right and we take our job seriously!  If you are interested in any aspect of comedy, please visit our contact page and let's get started.

We specialize in booking the very best comedians and entertainers for your event.  From large concerts, theaters, comedy clubs, country clubs, night clubs and special events to the smallest bunker, tent or mess hall, let Don Barnhart Entertainment put a smile on your face with the best in stand up comedy shows. 

Don Barnhart Entertianment specializes in booking comedians and comic performers of every type from "G/Family" rated to the more risque "R/Adult".  We book for every type of event worldwide.  Call us with your budget and demographics and we can build a comedy show to fit your unique and specific needs.

Don also consults on a wide variety of private events, personal appearances, guest speakers, motivational programs and all aspects of the comedy club and entertainment business from concept to completion. 

We specialize in producing comedy shows but also have a large roster of musical acts, motivational speakers, hypnotists, variety acts, magicians, celebrities, professional athletes and seminars to choose from.

Don Barnhart Entertainment is currently consulting and serves as the booking agent for several comedy clubs, special events and concerts around the world including producing ongoing comedy shows for the troops stationed overseas.

Thinking of opening up a comedy club or booking comedy at your bar, restaurant or corporate event?   Check out our comedy club consulting service. Comedy Clubs thrive during recessions as crowds seek out laughter during stressfull times.  In Las Vegas alone, Comedy Clubs are popping up all over town as comedy entertainment is much more economical to produce giving you more bang for your buck!

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Whether you're interested in putting on a comedy show, hypnosis show, variety show, guest, celebrity, athlete seminar or motivational speaker, please feel free to email or call us with an inquiry so we can begin working on  your project. 

Thank you for considering Don Barnhart Entertainment,

Don Barnhart / Linda Vu

On the red carpet prior to performing in Jakarta, Indonesia



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Barnhart's entire life has been in the comedy business.

Don started out at the world famous Comedy & Magic Club and throughout the 80's he was the Talent Coordinator, House Emcee and Night Manger.  Barnhart was responsible for booking the shows where he also had the honor of opening up for:  Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Dennis Miller, Robin Williams, Bill Engall, Jeff Foxworthy, Judd Apatow, Louie Anderson, Graham Chapman, Garry Shandling, Tim Allen, Harry Anderson, David Spade, George Wallace, George Lopez and many more.

Today, Barnhart is one of the top comedians working today. He is an award winning comedian, certified hypnotist, published author, actor comedy coach and filmmaker and was named "Best Bet" by the Las Vegas Review/Journal for his show in Las Vegas.  For over 25 years, Don has performed for and provided comedy shows for military installations, corporate events, colleges, private parties and benefits around the world and the entertainer continues to tour an average of 250 days a year and is currently in pre-production on his own TV show.

Booking fees can vary from the celebrity comic (in the hundreds of thousands) and motivational speaker to the solid road comic and more affordable comedian with a wide variety of options in between.  

Logistics are simple: Most comedy shows just require a microphone and a spotlight and the show running time average an from 30-90 minutes depending on your needs.


1992-Present - Don Barnhart Comedy All Star Tour (Press Release)

Ongoing:  2013 Tours to Afghanistan, Kyrgestan, Jordan, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Djbouti and more...

Don Barnhart Comedy Hypnosis Show featuring Keith Lyle from The Hangover


Don Barnhart Comedy Hypnosis Show Featuring DC Erwin


Comedy Tour For The Troops - Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti.

Starring Don Barnhart, Slade Ham, Bryan Brunner and hosted by Linda Vu (Press Release)

Comedy Tour For The Troops - Bahrain, South West Asia

Don Barnhart & Jeff Capri

Comedy On The Brink - Korea, Japan

Don Barnhart, Mike Burton & Jaz Kaner

Sir Comedy Knights Concert Series - Long Beach, CA  (Press Release)

Located at The Queen Mary Dome.  This concert series starts off Memorial Day Weekend.  Don Barnhart, Spanky, The Bornstein Experiment, ANT, Dat Phan, Bruce Gold, Alonzo Bodden, Rondell Sheridan


The Don Barnhart Comedy Show:  The Clarion Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, NV

Capital City Comedy Club - Tallahassee, FL

Jack Didley's Comedy Club:  Booker, Consultant - Jack Didley's

Brad Garrett's Comedy Club: Consultant - Brad Garrett's Comedy Club

Sin City Comedy Club:  New Media Specialist, Consultant - Sin City Comedy

LA Comedy Club:  Consultant, TV Production - LA Comedy Club

Comedy & Magic Club:  Former Talent Coordinator, Manager - Comedy & Magic Club

Sir Comedy Knights:  Consultant, Booker


Don Barnhart continues to be one of the most sought after cruise acts performing over 30 weeks a year on ships doing both stand up and comedy hypnosis shows.  Wanna work on cruise ships?  Don Barnhart will personally consult with  you to tailor your act for the cruise industry.  Contact Don to get started.


A partial list of clients include but are not limited to: Aflac, Blease Financial, Arroyo Grand Hospital, Armed Forces Entertainment, MD Entertainment, Texas Moter Transporation Asssociation, Batteries Now, DARE, Prudential, USO, NRA, Comics On Duty, DOD, MWR, Brea Rotary Club, Fullerton Fire Dept, Orange County Police and Fire, University of Pacific and many more.







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