Armed Forces Entertainment Present Don Barnhart’s Celebrity Comedy Series World Tour Starring George Wallace

Comedian and producer Don Barnhart lead off Armed Forces Entertainment’s new celebrity comedy series starring comedy legend George Wallace as they head out for a world tour with a first stop in Japan.


Don Barnhart Entertainment is producing a series of celebrity comedy shows for Armed Forces Entertainment to entertain and boost the moral of the troops stationed around the world.  The first tour will star comedy legend George Wallace along with Barnhart himself.


George Wallace was named recently named comedian of the year, Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest Comedians of All Time and is known as the Godfather of Comedy.  Besides his numerous TV and film appearances, George has starred in his own Las Vegas show for the last ten years at the Flamingo Hotel.  He will be taking time off from his show to head overseas for the troops.


Don Barnhart’s Celebrity Comedy Series’ first stop will be in Japan where he will serve as both the opening act and tour manager.  Barnhart himself is a national headliner and favorite at the top comedy clubs across the country and the two comedians are already scheduled for Europe, Korea and Southwest Asia early next year.


The shows are always free for the men and women serving in the Armed Forces and are underwritten by Armed Forces Entertainment.  “Barnhart has always produced high quality shows”, said an Armed Forces Entertainment spokesperson.


It was because of track record of producing clean, wholesome and funny shows that AFE reached out to him about bringing in an even higher caliber of talent and in doing so, the initial response has been overwhelming.  Don Barnhart’s Comedy Celebrity Series starring George Wallace have been sold out months in advanced with venues of 500 having to turn people and already requesting a return booking to accommodate those that couldn’t get in.


“The feedback has been so great that we’re calling George the new Bob Hope”, said Barnhart in a recent phone interview where he was performing on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.  “When I first approached Wallace, his immediate response was when do we leave?  Not how much or where are we going but when and for how long.  George is one of those rare and great entertainers that truly support the troops and actually take time out of their hectic schedules to go overseas to serve those that are serving.”


Barnhart has been producing and performing for the troops since 1992 and Don Barnhart Entertainment is responsible for sending out numerous comedy tours each year but this is the first major celebrity tour.


Not only does the entrepreneur specialize in comedy, Don is also a certified hypnotist and performs a separate comedy hypnosis show that he’s also taken overseas for the troops.  Barnhart even posted a free version of his Personal Power Hypnosis CD on his YouTube account to help the soldiers with PTSD and the stresses often associated with combat.


Don Barnhart Entertainment also produces a series of self-improvement seminars and he and his wife, Asian fitness sensation Linda Vu will be taking a Women’s Self Defense Seminar overseas for the troops later this year.


The seminar will feature Vu and The Veritas Combat Arts & Fitness Academy of Las Vegas.  It is already scheduled for Europe, Afghanistan and Japan with inquiries as to its availability coming in daily.  “We hope to take it to the bases domestically as well as to high schools and colleges to empower women all over the country!” added Barnhart.


Don Barnhart currently stars in the documentary on comedy called Finding The Funny with Brad Garrett and Louie Anderson who both hope to go overseas with Barnhart in the near future.


For more information on any of Don Barnhart’s projects or to set up interviews, please visit his website at:


Comedian Don Barnhart Brings Laughter And Education To The Troops Around The World

Vegas based comedian, hypnotist and life coach Don Barnhart has contracted with Armed Forces Entertainment to bring a series of comedy shows and self improvement seminars to the troops stationed around the world.

The comedian will bring a series of stand up comedy shows to Japan, Korea, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, England, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands as well as a Women’s Self Defense Seminar produced by his wife, fitness sensation Linda Vu.

The comedian and hypnotist just returned to the states after performing in Afghanistan, Jordan, Italy, Greece and Portugal and his show has been setting record attendance numbers across the country earning him the title of America’s Funniest Hypnotist.

“I think it’s important to give something back to the men and women serving our country”, said Barnhart.  He has been performing and producing comedy shows for the troops since 1992 and his wife Linda Vu is also dedicated to serving.  She is currently producing a series of women’s self-defense seminars for the military.

Barnhart was recently named “Best Bet” by the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper and his recent video just broke 250,000 views on YouTube.  He is a regular favorite on the Vegas strip and had his own show there last year.

Don Barnhart’s Stand Up Comedy Demo

Don Barnhart is the only comedy hypnotist that is also an award-winning stand up comedian who continues to headline the top comedy clubs, colleges, cruise ships and corporate events across the country and is a regular on the Las Vegas Strip and has been nominated 3 years in a row by fans as “Best Comedy Hypnosis Show” in Las Vegas.

Barnhart is in constant demand and has performed for: AFLAC, DARE, USO, Armed Forces Entertainment, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, MTV, Comedy Central, A&E, XM/Sirius Satellite Radio, The Bob & Tom Show, The US Marine Corps, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Princess, NCL, Holland America, Colleges, High Schools, Comedy Clubs, Fairs, Good Day Sacramento, The ABC Morning Show, Good Morning Northwest and much more.

Brad Garrett says, “Don is one of the funniest cats out there!”  “Hilarious” - NY Times, “One of the best” – LA Times, “That guy’s funny” – Howard Stern

Don Barnhart’s Comedy Hypnosis Show is part stand up, part improv, part hypnosis and full on funny!  It is a musical and fast-paced romp through the volunteers’ subconscious creative genius releasing their hidden talents. Barnhart turns them into the stars of the show keeping audiences on the edges of their seats howling with laughter and coming back for more.

When Barnhart isn’t performing, he’s producing and acting and can be seen in the new comedy documentary, Finding The Funny with Brad Garrett and Louie Anderson.   He is currently working on a new film called Freeloader that he wrote, will direct and star in.

Finding The Funny!

For more information, please check out Barnhart’s website at:

Clean Vs. Dirty Comedy – Do What You’re Paid To Do!

A comedian’s job is first and foremost to make the crowd laugh.  We are blessed to have such a wonderful tool as the English language to make that happen.  However, certain venues such as TV, corporate events, cruise ships, military shows and colleges ask, more so require us to perform clean or “family friendly” shows.

As a comedian, we often use our comedy to poke the bear, challenge the status quo and call into question the stupidity of our leaders.  George Carlin was truly a groundbreaker and leader in this venture and thankfully, albums and cable TV gave Carlin a new outlet to find his audience.

To me, comedy clubs are pretty much the last venue in which we as comedians can let loose and push the boundary of free speech but even those clubs that allow us free reign are few and far between.  In order to have true creative freedom, comics like Doug Stanhope and Louis C.K. have had to produce their own shows in alternative venues to remain true to their art form free from censorship and language restrictions.

A lot of young comics seem to have the viewpoint that if you accept work from someone that requires a clean show you are selling out and compromising your ideals and beliefs.  If you can work clean, it’s not.  However, if you can’t then it’s best to stick to venues that allow you that freedom.

From my perspective, working clean is not selling out, it’s just another way to communicate your message and I’ll admit at times it can be a more challenging one.  It still lets you perform albeit within a smaller box.

I was recently on a cruise ship doing the “adult show” and asked how dirty is acceptable and the reply was, “when you get complaints you’ll know you’ve gone too far”.

This issue came up recently while comedian Mitch Fatel was performing for the troops.  He played to the crowd and killed.  The audience loved him but the bookers are now in hot water because of one Colonel’s complaint and the entire comedy program for the troops is under scrutiny because of Mitch’s choices.

Is it ludicrous?  I think so since the shows are not mandatory.  Should the men and women putting their life on the line to protect our freedoms such as the first amendment be allowed to hear an uncensored comedy show? You bet!  Do I hate having to pull my punches?  Without a doubt!  However, the rules in place state a “wholesome” show and to break those rules put in jeopardy the entire comedy program for the troops and I’d rather give them a clean, filtered show than no show at all.

If you can’t work clean or within the guidelines of the producer, don’t bother to take the gig.  However, to complain about the restrictions and break the rules after you accept the job seems a little less than altruistic.

Ultimately, it’s the person paying our fee that gets to pick the parameters that we must adhere to.

Here’s a clip of my comedy club set:  Unfiltered and some language and thoughts may be objectionable to the unenlightened…

Don Barnhart’s Comedy Set

Women’s Self Defense Seminar In Las Vegas Offered By Linda Vu And Veritas Combat Arts

In her ongoing series of women’s self-empowerment, fitness sensation Linda Vu is offering a women’s self defense seminar in Las Vegas, NV on Sept 29th, 2013 before heading overseas to further train the women in the Armed Forces.

Working with Veritas Combat Arts & Fitness Academy, Ms. Vu has created a unique system of self-defense using the best techniques from the different martial arts schools.   There is no one set style as the women’s self defense seminar uses skills found in Wing Chun, Krav Maga, Kempo, MMA, Kwon Shu, Kickboxing, Shotokan Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, Close Quarter Combat along with Police and Military Defense Tactics.

Although Vu’s seminars are specifically designed for women, men can benefit from this program as well.  Linda also teaches a series of self-defense courses in Las Vegas as well as traveling across the country to high schools, colleges and corporate training seminars.

Check out a sample of Linda Vu’s Self Defense Seminar on
Linda Vu’s Self Defense Demo

The Linda Vu Fitness Academy Team travels worldwide coming to your gym, school or venue to set up an interactive workshop educating your audience with modern day techniques that will inspire, motivate and empower you.  Each seminar runs a minimum of one hour with some lasting two or more.

Ms. Vu is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Fitness Consultant and international Fitness Model.    She just released the Power Abs workout DVD along with her motivational workout CD Energy Hour and is currently working on her upcoming fitness book, Get The Body You Want.

Linda first began training in Wing Chun, designed by a woman and the foundation of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do.  It is the underlying basis defense style that assumes an opponent will be bigger and stronger than you. Therefore, Wing Chun emphasizes fast and strong structure over physical strength and speed.

In an effort to counter the recent increase in sexual harassment cases, the US Military has contracted with Linda Vu Fitness Academy to conduct a series of Women’s Self Defense Seminars for the troops stationed around the world.  Some of the many bases Linda Vu will bring her Women’s Self Defense Seminars include the United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Japan and Afghanistan.

The seminar includes but is not limited to:
Recognize, Avoid & Defend Yourself - Basic Principles of Self Defense & Taking Control - Fears, Safety & Situation Awareness - Realities of Physical Assaults – Stalking, Harassment, Kidnapping, Robbery & Rape - Attackers and their Patterns - Technique & Strategies to Defense Yourself Against: Knives, Guns & Other Weapons - Physical Drills & Scenarios

“When a crime is committed against you, what exactly do you think will protect you? Nobody can protect you better than yourself”, Linda stated.  ”This is one of the reasons why I’m currently offering a Women’s Self Defense seminar. Women are targeted more when it comes to crimes because they are considered the easiest and weakest to overpower.”

Linda Vu Women's Self Defense Seminar Veritas

Linda Vu empowers women all over the country.

Ms. Vu’s seminar will feature the Veritas Combat Arts team of instructors:

JOHN KELLEHER:  John is the owner of Veritas Combat Arts & Fitness Academy in Las Vegas, NV and is the head Kenpo & Striking Arts Instructor.  He has 3rd Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo and Chinese Kenpo as well as a 1st Degree Black Belt in Kwon Shu.  He is trained in Krav Maga, Haganah, and Hawaiian Kenpo and is a Police & Military Defensive Tactics Instructor as well as being a Pit Certified Level 2 MMA Fight and Fitness Trainer.  John was also the head Striking Coach for the Fightown MMA Fight Team, 2008-2010.

PATRICK BEGIN:  Patrick is a Submission, Grappling & MMA Instructor for Veritas Combat Arts and is an MMA Fight Coach at Randy Couture’s Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, NV as well as being a member of Randy Couture’s Personal Fight Team.  He has a Black Belt under Neil Melanson (Randy Couture’s Head Coach/Catch Wrestling Master) as well as a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.  He trained in Boxing & Kickboxing by Kickboxing Champion Seung Ook Choi and is a Grappling Specialist with over 15 Years of experience.

DAMON CANADY:  Damon is a Close Quarter Combat & Fitness Instructor at Veritas Combat and is a Wing Chun Kung Fu Practitioner for over 7 Years.  He is a Field Exercise & Course Instructor for Investigator/Security Academies and is a Seminar Instructor for Civil Unrest/Societal Collapse Scenarios.

WAYNE WRATH:  Wayne is a Kenpo & Fitness Instructor at Veritas Combat Arts with a 1st Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo and Chinese Kenpo.  He has a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and was USA Winter Olympic Competitor along with being 3x NAGA Competitor and 3x Grappler’s Quest Competitor.

Linda Vu’s Women’s Self Defense Seminar in Las Vegas will be held at Veritas Combat Arts & Fitness Academy at 1pm.  The address is 980 American Pacific Drive Suite 107, Henderson, NV 89014.  The seminar runs 2 hours long.  Pre-register for the class and save $10 now or $60 the day of the event.

Suggested age is 16+ due to adult topics that will be covered during the seminar. Please wear comfortable clothing (tee-shirts, sweat shirt/pants, tennis shoes) for the seminar, as there will be physical contacts and drills.

Tickets can be purchased at:

For more information, to reserve your spot or to set up interviews, please contact Linda at her website:

Comedy For The Troops

Award winning comedian Don Barnhart has signed on to produce a series of celebrity tours for the troops to help bring a piece of home to the men and women serving overseas.

Don Barnhart is currently producing a series of celebrity tours for the troops to help bring a piece of home to the men and women serving overseas.

DBE uses only the top professional comedians and entertainers working today.  Each have recognizable credits or major club experience:  The Tonight Show, Ferguson, Late Night, Comedy Central, HBO, A&E, America’s Got Talent, Star Search, MTV, Showtime, NBC, BET, Last Comic Standing, Feature films, TV Shows and more.  DBE currently books and consults for several comedy clubs and was the consultant for the hugely successful USO Comedy Break Series.

Shows are easily adapted from Family Friendly to Cable TV but never nasty in nature and most comedians veteran performers and have done several tours and know the boundries and sensitivities of performing for the military.

We specialize in producing comedy shows but also have a large roster of musical acts, motivational speakers, hypnotists and celebrities to choose from:  George Wallace, Louie Anderson and Brad Garrett to The Motown Tribute Band – Spectrum, The Motown Female Tribute Band Radiance, The Pierre Jovan Band, R & B Artists – Earl Turner and Domenick Allen from the 80′s Mega Rock Band Foreigner.

We are currently producing a year long series of tours running each month that will run both domestic and overseas reaching up to 500,000 personnel at the 270 military installations around the globe. The importance of these performances brings a piece of home to those stationed far away from their loved ones.

Tours are from a few days to two weeks depending on availability of talent. 
 These tours are a way of saying, “thank you” to the US military for all their sacrifices that they make during their tour of duty and putting themselves in harms way. 

 Our goal is to boost the morale and welfare of the men and women serving their country by bringing them the highest caliber of professional entertainers and celebrities.

It’s true that the economy and times are tough right now but it’s even tougher for the men and women stationed overseas away from their families and entertainment has always been one of the biggest morale boosters for the US Military and thousands of performers have served as a welcome sight to the millions of service men and women. Almost everyone has a family member, relative or friend serving in the military.

We are currently seeking comedians, singers, bands athletes, reality stars & motivational speakers to either perform or do meet and greets.

For more information, please contact Don Barnhart at