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Laughter for the troops

Bringing laughter to those that serve and deserve!


Don Barnhart Entertainment is the premier booking agency for comedy shows around the world.  Since 1992, award-winning comedian Don Barnhart has both performed and produced comedy shows for U.S. Military.  He has toured extensively for The USO, Comics On Duty, AFE, MWR as well as personally producing his own tours in support of the American Military serving our country.  Don and his wife, Linda Vu continue to produce these shows as his way of saying, "thank you" to the US military for all their sacrifices that they make during their tour of duty.

We are currently booking a series of All Star Comedy Tours feauturing the best in comedy talent along with a new Celebrity Series featuring the top names in comedy, sports, music and motivational speaking.


Our goal is to boost the morale and welfare of the men and women serving their country by bringing them the highest caliber of professional entertainers in the most cost-effective way.  Comedy shows can easily fit the largest venue to the most remote base with virtually no set up time.  If there is a crowd, we can do a show!  From ships to remote bases and the front lines, comedy shows have the benefit of little to no set up time.

Don Barnhart Entertainment (DBE) provides autograph sheets, promotional posters and SWAG (promotional giveways;  Tee Shirts, DVD's Posters, Patches, Coins, Etc.)  The entertainers truly enjoy spending time with the troops after the shows signing autographs and making friends.  Depending on the venue, we can easily provide sound, lighting, backdrops and more.


DBE uses only the top professional comedians working today.  Each have recognizable credits or major club experience:  The Tonight Show, Ferguson, Late Night, Comedy Central, HBO, A&E, America's Got Talent, Star Search, MTV, Showtime, NBC, BET, Last Comic Standing, Feature films, TV Shows and more.  DBE currently books and consults for several comedy clubs and was the consultant for the hugely successful USO Comedy Break Series.

Shows are easily adapted from Family Friendly to Cable TV but never nasty in nature and most comedians veteran performers and have done several tours and know the boundries and sensitivities of performing for the military.

We specialize in producing comedy shows but also have a large roster of musical acts, motivational speakers, hypnotists and celebrities to choose from:  The Motown Tribute Band - Spectrum, The Motown Female Tribute Band Radiance, The Pierre Jovan Band, R & B Artists - Earl Turner and Domenick Allen from the 80's Mega Rock Band Foreigner.

We are currently producing a year long series of tours running each month that will run both domestic and overseas reaching up to 500,000 personnel at the 270 military installations around the globe. The importance of these performances brings a piece of home to those stationed far away from their loved ones.  (Press Release)

The tour will include award winning comedian Don Barnhart along with rotating cast of two nationally acclaimed headline comedy acts and hosted by Linda Vu, the exotic actress and star of the indie film, “China Dolls”. Vu is also a certified fitness instructor, author and model.

It's true that the economy and times are tough right now but it's even tougher for the men and women stationed overseas away from their families and entertainment has always been one of the biggest morale boosters for the US Military and thousands of performers have served as a welcome sight to the millions of service men and women. Almost everyone has a family member, relative or friend serving in the military.

"Comedy Shows May Help To Save The Lives Of Our Soldiers By Lifting Morale"  CNN Article

Article for sponsoring a comedy tour for the troops.  Click Here

SPONSORING A TOUR - Corporate sponsorships are good business.  By sponsoring a comedy tour, your company, product or brand will realize tangible marketing benefits in return for your sponsorship investment, while showing your support for the thousands of men and women in the United States Armed Forces. Along with the good will your company will create, you’ll be associated with your support of the troops and branded with the “All American” image with visibility and exposure throughout the worldwide military marketplace.

EXPOSURE - Your brand or logo will be featured on show banners, tee shirts, autograph cards, promotional giveaways and more. The print and news media are constantly running stories on the life of soldiers and having your logo displayed in these feel good stories will help to increase your products trust and likability Many of the tours have been covered by CNN, Star & Strips, local media and the worldwide press.

NEW MEDIA - Immediately following the show, the performers sign autographs and take pictures with the troops. Many of the soldiers stay in contact with their family and friends back home through the internet and post these pictures on their Facebook, MySpace and Flicker accounts. Your product’s logo will be seen by the soldiers family and loved ones at home.

TOUR SCHEDULE - We are looking to provide a series of two-week tours running each month all year long that will run both domestic and overseas reaching over 500,000 personnel at the 270 military installations around the globe. Comedy shows can be set up on flatbeds, in tents and make-shift stages, flying out to the ships on the flight deck, hangers, forward bases or huge events, theaters and extravaganzas.

You’re company can say "thank you" for the sacrifices that the US military personnel make during their tour of duty.  Don Barnhart Entertainment is proud to present the best American entertainers giving the troops a well-deserved break from the action.

JUMP RIGHT IN - We are currently working in conjunction with Armed Forces Entertainment and MWR and have a series of ongoing comedy tours scheduled but need more funding in order to continue. AFE is the official Department of Defense agency for providing entertainment to U.S. military personnel overseas. Your company will join us in having the distinct honor of supporting soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors by bringing them the very best in American entertainment.

WHAT’S THE DEAL? - AFE and the USO can only do so many tours based on their fiscal budgets and with the help of sponsors, we can bring more entertainment to the troops. Working with AFE, Don Barnhart Entertainment has the full support and clearance to get on and off the military installations along with the added sense of security should any problems arise.

HOW MUCH? - Your additional funding will help with securing logistics and talent. Depending on the amount donated, your company brand or logo will be displayed on the show banner, autograph cards, tee shirts and more.  Any amount will help but sponsorships packages range from a contributors package of $5,000 per show to a title sponsorship of $350,000 per year providing 12 two weeks tours worldwide.

Don Barnhart Entertainment is pre-approved to provide an ongoing series of comedy shows for the troops. Our partnership with Armed Forces Entertainment will take care of all the logistics and details to get on and off the military installations. You can’t just walk on a military base and working with AFE allows the distinct opportunity to provide comedy shows on these secured locations.  We put the tours together and manage them from the time we book the tour to the time everyone returns home. This includes taking care of travel arrangements, Visas, vaccinations, no-fee military passports, DOD cards to get on/off the bases.



Title Sponsor:
As the “Title Sponsor” your company will provide for 12 (twelve) two week tours over the course of a year. This will go for the procurement of talent, travel and promotional giveaways. Your name or company logo will be prominently featured as the presenter of the tour on all banners at every show as well as on the tee shirts, autograph cards and other promotional giveaways. Your brand will be prominently featured and mentioned in all press and media files.

Presenting Sponsor:
As a “Presenting Sponsor”, you will provide for 1 (one) two week tour. Your name or company logo will be displayed on the show banner as well as on the tee shirts, autograph cards and other promotional giveaways. Your brand will be featured in press and media.

Official Sponsor:
As an “Official Sponsor”, your name or company logo will have priority placement on show banners, tee shirts and autograph cards given away at each show over the course of a year. Your brand will be included in press and media.

Table Sponsor:
As an “Table Sponsor” you will have the the same opportunities as an “Official Sponsor” but smaller logo/placement.

As a “Sponsor” you will help with the funding a 1 (one) tour and will have your product/logo placement on promotional items: Tee Shirts, Banners, etc...

Individual contributions.  Become a "Freind".  You can make a donation of any amount right now with the  paypal link below..  Your donation will help us lift the spirits of the men and women serving our country.  Your donation will go directly to the support and maintenance of our ongoing series of comedy tours for the troops.  It will help to reduce the overall cost of production expenses.

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Product Donation:
Do you have a product or
service that you can donate?  You can help support the comedy tours by donating anything from Sunglasses, Gaming Equipment, Video Games, DVD's, Games, Hats, Running Shoes, Phone Cards, Airline Miles or upgrades.  Does your company do tee shirts, posters or some other service?  We would love to include you as a sponsor.

All tours include a tour manager and photographer to document the tours to use in your companies advertisements and press releases.  Sponsors receive a certificate of recognition along with signed promotional items:  Tee Shirt, Patches, Posters, Coins, etc...

If you would like more information or a sponsorship package, please feel free to call or send us an email to the information on our contact page.  Thank you for your consideration and support of our troops.

Don Barnhart & Linda Vu

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"We value the positive contributions that you are making to "Support The Troops".

We wish you continued success" - Nike, Inc.

"We wish you success" - Pepsi-Cola

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The Department of Defense and Armed Forces Entertainment thank you for your supporting our men and women in uniform overseas.  The troops you entertained on your tour in Bahrain sincerely appreciated  your performance.  The accolades we continue to receive from the installations you visited are testimony to your commitment and dedication to ensure our troops' morale remain high by providing quality entertainment to our uniformed service members overseas.  Without a doubt, your performance has made a lasting impression on the troops and installation.

We look forward to future opportunities for you to support and perform for our troops.  Thanks again for sharing your time and talent with those who deserve it most.

Edward F. Shock, Col, USAF

Chief, Armed Forces Entertainment

Don was a great asset to our AFE and Navy Entertainment program.  We look forward to return trips with his groups.  Please see my attached comments as agreed upon with my staff who enjoyed working with Don.  He is a very good performer, a compassionate and flexible individual, and a patriot for the troops.  Don Barnhart and Jeff Capri have been outstanding in their flexibility to make comedy entertainment shows available for this AOR, patience with broken air planes, and just being versatile enough to go everywhere for the sailors.  They even did a show on the deck of the sub last week.  Below is a quick story of what they did when their plan broke down in Oman and what great respect and honor they have for the troops.  

Thomas L. Linscott,

MWR Director

Due to mission requirements and other unforeseen events, Don was always available to adjust the schedules and locations of shows. He did show on the deck of a submarine and in our clubs for the crews of the USS Bataan, USS Fort McHenry and USS Topeka along the community members of the NSA Bahrain.Mario E. Farrula

MWR Deployed Forces Support

NSA Bahrain

Don and Jeff were simply OUTSTANDING!  Thank you for your dedication to duty on behalf of the men and women in uniform.  It is people like you and Jeff Capri that adds quality to life for our military community. You both are truly good people and outstanding patriots to our country.  God bless you both.  Again, thank you for your support and sincere dedication to our military. 

Mr. Joe V. Hernandez

MWR Community Program Director

Past tours...

2013 Afghanistan, Kyrgzstan, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Portugal and more


Sept 3-16, 2009 Bahrian/Persian Gulf

May 7-21 , 2009 Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Djibouti