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Don Barnhart Entertainment is the production company founded by Award Winning Comedian Don Barnhart.  He along with his wife author, fitness expert and actress Linda Vu specialize in high quality, independent film and television productions along with live comedy shows, intructional dvds and more.  With over 25 years of professional experience in the entertainment industry DBE has produced feature films, television programs, comedy specials, music videos, commercials, short films, dvds, infomercials, documentaries, reality shows, sketch shows, interviews, talk shows and more...

Interested in shooting your film, TV show, stand up special, instructional video or demo?  We do it all.

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Don Barnhart Entertainment (DBE) utilizes a small staff of full time in-house/multi-talented individuals along with our extensive freelance production team members for various projects ranging from a simple one camera shoot to HD multi-camera live events.  From concept to creation:  Writing, casting, directing, editing, scoring, dvd creation & packaging, photography, art/graphic design and live talent booking.  DBE can provide you with every aspect of your project. 



Don Barnhart Entertainment at work...


Rock Bottom - (In pre-productin)  The new comedy written and directed by Don Barnhart.   Rock Bottom is the story of a returning Veteran Guy Freeloader. He comes home from the war and finds out his wife has been cheating on him and sold off their house and belongings leaving him alone and homeless. Setting out to find himself, he ends up on the streets in Las Vegas and finds his way through stand up comedy.

This is will be the second feature film written, directed and starring nationally acclaimed and award-winning comedian Don Barnhart, Jr. "The story deals with the ongoing homeless problem here in Las Vegas as well as the challenges facing our returning Veterans and he becomes the Robin Hood of the homeless," said Barnhart in a recent interview while on tour headlining for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. He added, "I really like using comedy to deal with current affairs and hard to face issues and I try to do that in my stand up show as well."