Whether you're a working professional or just wanting to give it a try, The Las Vegas Comedy Institute's Comedy Classes can help jump-start your comedy career helping you find and develop your comedy character – the part of you that is uniquely funny. 


Don Barnhart's Stand Up Comedy Class can help you become a stand up comedian or just become a funnier person in real life!  Barnhart teaches you the fundamental skills, principles, and techniques used by himself and other top working comedians putting you in control. Don's approach will cut years off your development as a stand-up comedian and comedy performer.


“We’re students. The first year. The first five years, the first ten years. We’re students after fifty years."

­Dustin Hoffman


If you're already performing comedy, Don's experience will help you to fine tune your act and help get you to the next level.  We take comedy seriously!


"Thank you for allowing me to join your class. You are doing a great job. It's great to see my friend sharing his experience, input, and know how.  I think it's a class all comics should visit and/or enroll. This class Really enforces your thoughts. And reminds you of what it takes to be in this business. Hard work. I hope to visit again."  - George Wallace


Are you getting all the work you want? 


Don Barnhart's Comedy Classes can help you find the weak spots and tune your act to help you take your career to the next level.

Besides working on the technical side of comedy: Material, performance and technique, you'll also learn about the business side of "Show Business", Making money, marketing and promotion. 

Class sessions are broken down to: Instruction, Questions & Answers and Workshop where you will get up and work on your material, presence and technique with interactive participation from Don and the class. If you interface with the public in business, speaking or presentations, Don can help you add the magic of humor and your own unique comedy personality to your public interfaces for better sales, service and speaking.

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Standup Comedy Class Showcase
Comedy Is A Serious Business seminar


Some of the topics of the Stand Up Comedy Classes include:

* Character Development and Finding Your Voice 
* Overcoming Stage Freight 
* Writing and Material Development 
* Dealing With Criticism
* Editing: Cutting The Fat, Finding The Funny 
* Bookings, Clubs, Managers and Agents
* Joke Structure, Writing and Formula 
* Promotion and Marketing
* Stage and Performance Technique 
* Review Of Your Current Set
* Improv Basics for Stand Ups 
* Getting Up To Speed
* Hosting As An Art form 
* Showcasing
* Visualization and Memory 
* Character vs. Characature




On line class coming soon!


One-on-one Comedy Classes

In Person or via Skype/FaceTime

$150 an hour by appointment.



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The new book exploring the art, science and business of stand  up comedy.  "A must read for anyone considering a career in comedy."


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